Our Main Services

Consulting, Research and Analysis

HanVard Africa offers research, analysis and consultancy services and works through a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods and we adapt to the complexity of local environments. We develop policy briefs and assessments which provide clients with action focused findings, in-depth analysis and recommendations- Hanvard Africa under takes research and consultancy services on:

  • Good Governance and Rule of law
  • Human Rights and conflict analysis 
  • Economic growth and Mirco Finance 
  • Election Analysis and Monitoring 
  • Refugees and Displacement 
  • Media and communications

Human Resource services

Extensive experience in profit and not-for-profit sectors has given Hanvard Africa a better understanding of the challenges that these sectors face in their attempt to build capacities while constantly being challenged due to limited resources. HanVard Africa’s approach is to apply realistic solutions as we build the capacity or any organization, 

we work with to ensure a solid foundation. We work collaboratively with clients to achieve positive outcomes by providing Facilitation/ Training in the following areas of practice:

  • Job Description Development
  • Salary Research/Review
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management Facilitation
  • Employee Manual
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership and Talent Management

Risk Management

Hanvard Africa is looking to set up accountable fund management in Somalia/Somaliland – the first ever initiative in 20 years. Hanvard Africa also provides our clients with the critical information and essential facts that they require to make informed decisions. Our operational experience and ability enable our clients to identify, manage and mitigate their risks stemming from daily operations or from unanticipated contingencies. We provide advice to our clients both Operational Risk Management and Strategic Risk Management with the following components. 

  1. Operational Risk Management (ORM) – We develop, implement, maintain and continually improve a documented operational risk management system. In addition, we provide: 
  • Access to a Risk Monitoring Database (RMDB) which features a list of suppliers of goods and services, reliability and risk ranking.
  • Access to a monthly updated price unit/market information
  • Risk assessments; due diligence, compliance and reporting
  • Management of compliance risk assessments, due diligence, insurance and other requirements.
  • Review potential cost saving to optimize returns
  • Monitoring progress, maintaining records and monthly reporting
  • Financial management framework.
  1. Strategic Risk Management (SRM) – We offer strategic risk reduction and due diligence analysis with the below support services:
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation and Strategic Support (including training)
  • Risk assessments; due diligence, compliance and reporting

Audit and Forensic services

Forensic auditing is highly specialized because it requires knowledge and insight into both financial and accounting matters as well as criminal and unethical patterns of abuse. Hanvard Africa
professionals bring deep expertise to the entire range of skills needed and work closely with your management team and staff for the best results. We also offer financial record keeping systems that are cannot be compromised. Our talents and skills enable us to carry out forensic accounting ensuring that your funds are secure. We provide the following services in delivering audit and forensic services to our clients in Somalia and in the region.

  • Assist in developing internal audit plans
  • Assess your current state of operations
  • Develop and implement whistleblower programs
  • Implement improvements and report of change 
  • Identify and designs solutions for internal control gaps
  • Assist with trainings on internal auditors

Institutional strengthening and capacity building

We provide capacity building to Somalia’s fragile institutions and we have conducted evidence based, comprehensive assessments on institutional frameworks, operational procedures and systems, organizational structural review and overall organizational capacities of government institutions. We promote institutional innovation (rules, norms and procedures) and structural changes within government institutions to improve their service delivery and we provide utmost guidance and implementation on:

  • Encourage behavioral change in individuals to enable them to perform their functions and responsibilities.
  • Build the capacity of staff to perform their functions and deliver services 
  • Adopt approaches that allow government institutions to engage with those they serve 
  • Promote mechanisms for organizational and institutional coordination and collaboration

Monitoring & Evaluation, Assessment, surveys

Hanvard Africa has extensive experience of conducting M&E assignments in development and Aid sector, over the years we successfully conducted evaluations in education, youth, human rights and governance, health, microfinance, public financial management and public administration, livelihood sectors in Somalia. Our approach is based on a premise of linking cutting edge evaluations techniques with relevant sector expertise and local knowledge- we have supported our clients to reach in remote areas and addressed their guest to strengthen accountability in providing Aid and development interventions.

Results of our assessments, surveys and research are used to design development projects, form policies and assess impacts. We conduct, design and implement robust and innovative Monitoring and Evaluation techniques and undertake baseline survey, impact study, assessment studies and organization surveys for development programs and organizations using cutting edge research methodologies and statistical tools. Our monitoring work covers all the major sectors and puts us at the heart of many key policy debates in development co-operation – institution-building, the role of civil society social development and the choice of aid modality.

Business and Portfolio development

Hanvard Africa has strategy and portfolio management experience and can assist to streamline portfolios and optimize use of resources. Hanvard Africa seeks to create strategic and sustainable long-term approach to constant renewal and innovation with one goal in mind: to increase clients’ returns on their investments in innovation. Organizations recognize that innovation is key in maintaining a competitive advantage as well as new avenues to achieve their goals and maximize results.