What we do

HanVard is made up of a group of companies specializing in various areas that all work in synergy to support the delivery of value to clients. The companies within the group specialize in Aviation, Engineering, Communication and Media, manufacturing, Asset tracking and fleet management, and Logistics.

Hanvard also specializes and focuses on multiple areas in the public and private sector management spheres- Hanvard demonstrates a strong record in financial management, project portfolio management, and Risk assessment, due diligence analysis, project design and implementation, capacity building programs, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Surveys.

We bring global and regional perspective along with in-depth experience and knowledge for its clients in Somalia and we have strong and long history of delivering value added professional services to our clients and partners in the region.

Hanvard with highly experienced team offers advisory and logistical support to governments, institutions and policy makers who wish to invest in Asset Management, Energy and Mining, Insurance, Banking and capital markets, Communications and media, Public sector, Aid and Development, Technology and aviation.

Hanvard key strength is its field presence and rich network in East Africa region,

Our clients and partners recognize us for meeting their aspirations and needs and willingness to undertake new approaches through innovation while mitigating risks and achieving results in a challenging environment.



With an uncompromising attitude to compliance with the law and the application of the highest ethical standards, our multi-disciplinary teams deliver a unique blend of professional expertise and effective, client-focused solutions.

Our professional staff is drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including law, accountancy, banking & Finance, public relations, Education, health, Information technology, Media and communication , and academia and specialist researchers in a wide range of sectors including Aid and Development, governance and human rights, role of law and Democracy and elections elections in Africa.

Our teams have a good understanding of the region as well as the ability to communicate in numerous local and international languages.